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2 April
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Hidan was born in a small town in the mountains called Yugakure. His childhood was rather uneventful, he had an ordinary family, with loving parents, a house, a dog, he wasn't rich, nor was he poor. As he grew he started to understand just how ordinary they truly were, his family was the same as their neighbor, and their neighbor's neighbor, and on it went until he realized that everyone was the same. Around the age of 14 he decided that he would break from the conformity, be his own person, and hopefully in the process, change others as well, however this would not be the case. Every time he tried to be creative, his effort would be ignored, his attempts to act out were explained away as "just a phase", every time he tried to step out of the conformity there would be someone waiting to put him back in his place.

At the age of 16 he got tired of trying and ran away from home in hopes that the rest of the world would be different. After a while his meager funds ran out, and eventually his debt became so large that he had to join an underground fighting ring just to make ends meet. When he first joined he received many injuries, it was out of shear luck that he was never killed. After almost a year, and countless wounds, his body and mind created a strange coping mechanism, his body learned to associate pain with a sort of twisted pleasure. No longer restricted by pain, he grew stronger, pushing past the limits of the human body, and fighting long after a normal person would have passed out.

One day, during a street fight, he was badly injured and left for dead in a back ally. He would have died then and there was it not for a young priest, who picked him up out of the garbage, cleaned his wounds, and nursed him back to health. The time Hidan spent recuperating was occupied with reading scripture the priest lent him, he found that reading the bible calmed his mind and made him feel less irate. He found a new purpose in religion, scripture and meditation replaced bloodlust and daily fights, but there was still something wrong, wile faith freed him from his violent tendencies, he wasn’t free to be himself. He searched around and eventually found Jashinism, a religion that allowed him to act as he pleased, and a way to suppress his anger.

Hidan moved to a new town, in hopes of spreading the word of Jashin, the God whom he believes saved him from his past life. Lately he has been losing his temper more and more, but most of the time it has been contained to verbal outburst, and no one (as far as anyone knows) has been killed.